Six Samurai

Six Samurai, known as the Six Warmasters (六武衆) in the OCG, is an archetype of WarriorType monsters that debuted in Strike of Neos, with further support included in Gladiator’s Assault, Storm of Ragnarok and Extreme Victory. They rely on having multiple Six Samurai on the field to use their effects, and as such a Deck revolving around them is often based on swarming the field.

The “Six Samurai” monsters consist of the original six, as well as their allies and masters. “Shien” cards

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are supported by this theme, “Great Shogun Shien” seeming to be the warlord they serve. The overall theme seems to be futuristic, while in some form drawing inspiration from feudal Japan.

The basic Six Samurai monsters (the initial ‘6’) all have the effect “If this card would be destroyed you can destroy another “Six Samurai” monster you control instead” and also “While you control another “Six Samurai” monster with a different name, this card can… “ meaning that their effects only activate when another “Six Samurai” monster is on the field.

In the set Storm of Ragnarok, a “Legendary Six Samurai” sub-archetype was released, providing further support for the original six, as well as their new counterparts.

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